suit size recommendations Dainese


Alex's Ohvale Mechanic
5'9" 240 here...I have a D-Air Misano for racing and track days, and I just got a Laguna 4 this year for MiniGP.

(I don't want my air system going off for a crash on one of my Ohvales).

I wear a Euro 60/US 50 suit in AlpineStars or Dianese. A 48US should fit you fine.

I have big shoulders and big legs and these suits are by far my favorite of all time.
And, I've been through a few searching for "The fit" for me.

AlpineStars makes a damned fine suit, but their torso is a smidge longer off the shelf, so the inseam/crotch is a little below
my inseam/crotch...and it binds me up on the Ohvales...I cannot move on those little bikes. It's a more extreme riding position, obviously.
My R1 feels like I'm driving a roomy SUV by comparison.

my 2 cents...keep the change.


Alex's Ohvale Mechanic
I just got an email from Dianese.....apparently there's a sale kickin' off at midnight tonight.


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Nice heads up on the sale. I found what I want on their site, unfortunately the items I really want are showing as sold out.