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Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by breezie, Jul 22, 2014.

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    Breezie -

    I'm glad you had a good time NC Bike. I'm very happy to read that your only complaint is around a safety requirement/policy. Why am I happy to read this. Well, it tells me that N2 offered you quality track time while remaining focused on rider safety at a high level. Thus, behaviorally demonstrating our mission.

    I/We/N2 care deeply for your safety and want you to have the proper safety equipment from head to toe. Our equipment inspection policy aligns with the tech policy for CCS. No that doesn't make it less of a hassle or the end all to be all.

    Again, I'm glad you enjoyed your N2 experience and I hope you'll ride with us again. Just like that hot female, there's always something that will bother us. However, it's not a big enough bother to make us kick her to the curb!

    Ride fast, ride safe!

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    While it seems that it is a pain to drag the gear to Tech... It is definitely in your best interest. There are tricks that make it easier as someone posted above. As it was your first day, you probably didn't realize these things, and this is why it definitely helps to chat with your pit neighbors. If you go to the track, and just talk to the people next to you, most of the time they will end up giving you some advice/help that you wouldn't have thought of. As for the dragging the gear to Tech, I second the procedure of: Put your gloves in your helmet, put the helmet on your head. Put your boots on your feet. Put your arms in the suit, and once on the bike, tuck the legs of the suit up on the tank. This allows you to get all your gear to tech in very little time, with almost no effort and allows them to tech it thoroughly for damage. Once at tech, they will ask you for your gloves, and to look over the helmet... You can even take it off your head at that point, rather than having to "Suit up" and go to tech like you would be riding on the track. Some others can probably chime in with even more efficient ways to get everything there.
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  3. breezie

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    No one came off as rude I'm not ducking the subject just don't want to be the new guy on the forum where every senior member tells me that I am wrong for a legit question and that they are right. I am new to nesba and did my first track day with them but I am not new to track days or racing. I just want to have the correct info and understanding when I do make it out. Thanks for all the replys though.

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  4. breezie

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    Now who has a decent suit they wanna sell. Lol

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  5. HondaGalToo

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    All good breezie! I think many of us, myself included, thought it was your very first trackday ever. Now we know that's not the case and you've ridden/raced before. I don't think your opinion is wrong. You made valid points, I understand your point of view for sure. There's really no right or wrong, but I'm pretty sure N2 isn't going to change their longstanding policy. I hate dragging all my crap to tech, too, but it is what it is. And maybe we'll prevent an injury on a newcomer who doesn't know any better.

    If you're at NJMP in August look me up, I'll have a cold beer for ya! ☺

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    One thing to add that hasn't been mentioned, is that your tech & registration experience will be much improved if you get there early.

    I usually get everything taken care of as early as possible, then sit in my pit and eat breakfast (and start hydrating) before the rider's meeting. That helps set the tone for the day, and keeps me much more relaxed.
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  7. borislav

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    You can NEVER be wrong by asking a question!
    Cheers my friend,see you at the track.
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  8. Otto Man

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    Don't read it wrong man. I don't think anyone here is trying to tell you that they're right, we're just trying to give you the whole picture, which encompasses more than just your side of the experience. prplppleatr has a very good point, the earlier you get to tech, the better. I'm sitting in line at registration/tech at 7AM on the dot. There's only a handful of people there and the process takes less than 5 minutes. 7:10-7:15, the line gets long real fast. That gives me over an hour to get the tire warmers on, fire up the stove top in the toy hauler, and I'm sitting outside watching everyone go through tech as I eat my scrambled eggs and bacon. ;)
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    Casper's Legacy lives on.
  10. Dave561

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    I know where I'll be at 7:30. yummmmm... bacon!!!!!
  11. D-Zum

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    Couple years ago at Summit someone's knee slider came off and bounced back at me and hit me in the shoulder..that feels sexy.
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    So you're telling me I can't ride in my leather thong? Great!!! Now I need to find my track leathers.
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    Coming from the guy that's got a toy hauler 10' longer than mine! It should be the other way around!
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    And he usually has his personal chef with him too.

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