Thanks for the help at Shenny yesterday

Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by dhaines, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. dhaines

    dhaines Member

    I would like to thank John and a CR my wife thinks his name was Josh (she was a bit flustered) but thanks for helping her out while I was being flown out also thanks to the riders that came over and offered to help her out as well I greatly appreciate it. I know she was having a hard time and I am very thankful that so many people were there to help her out packing all my stuff up. Once again thanks a lot for all your help. And also sorry for holding up the day.

    David Haines
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  2. Slitherin

    Slitherin Control Rider Director


    No problem. Your wife was strong, cool and collected. She faced a stressful situation like a champ. I tried to get her as much info as possible and did all I could to get them to let her come out and see you before they transported you. I hope you're feeling better. Everyone was asking about how you were doing. Some even mentioned that it was a welcome break so don't worry about the break in action for a few short minutes. All that matters is that you were taken care of.
  3. eemjay

    eemjay New Member

    good to see you posting man. Like John said, it was a welcome break. I passed it on to my friends and we are all glad you will be ok, and we wish you a speedy recovery!
  4. dhaines

    dhaines Member

    Yeah all you guys were a great help and I'm doing better still beat up but no permanent damage. Now it's just heal up then fix the bike and acquire new leathers
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  5. vinny337

    vinny337 Vin is in...Beastmode! Control Rider

    Glad to hear all is well David!!
  6. Otto Man

    Otto Man John Control Rider


    Glad to see you online and in good spirits. It was John Farrell that did all the work keeping your wife up to date on your situation, I just assisted in getting the bike loaded and strapped down. She kept her composure very well and I'm surprised she was even remotely close in remembering our names in a situation like that.

    Get well soon and we'll see you back out there!
  7. CleverRiver6

    CleverRiver6 New Member

    Glad your doing ok, tell your daughter Sandy will be there next time you make it back!
  8. dhaines

    dhaines Member

    You know what's funny is she asked if the dog was there when she found out I went to the track.
  9. CleverRiver6

    CleverRiver6 New Member

    Ha. Well we know what her priorities are lol

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