The IoMTT Thread


interesting to see ho different the use of the body and body positions are in the TT (and or similar road races); makes sense (e.g., more tucked in to keep from hitting road-side objects). Interesting.
I talked very briefly with Peter Hickman at the Daytona 200 and he commented that the D200 was way harder than the IoMTT. He said at the D200 he’s constantly on and off the controls and at the limit of inputs whereas with the IoMTT he gets a pretty long break between major inputs.

Seems self-evident when I write it but because Hicky was saying it, I thought it was interesting and insightful.

Fan boi - guilty as charged.
Despite the delays and shortened races, this year provided a ton of drama. It was also packed with firsts.

James Hillier’s daily videos have offered a cool ‘behind the curtain’ view of a riders prep and experience at the TT.

Also, Dave at Obsession engineering offered some cool insight from the tech perspective.

It will be interesting to see if any info comes out about Conner Cummins pulling out of the final races. A real bummer considering he scored a 4th place last year only days after being in hospital with an illness.

On the other hand, great to see his Pagets teammate Hutchy back on the course following his stroke last year. Amazing that he was even riding, let alone coming in top 10-12 while just getting back up to speed.