This mean we get more Summit Main days?


I would have done some days with Xcitement last year, but they never responded to my email about groups and whether they run air fence at Summit like N2.


Astronomer not Astrologer
They didn't, cost my buddy Tom most of his R6 when he had an off in turn 4 and the bike it the tire wall.

Seriously, more Summit Main days. .... please.


IronMan Alex's R3 WERA crew chief
I'm gonna "shake down" my kid's R3 at Summit before he rides it, so that should be amusing watching an R3 scream for mercy.


IronMan Alex's R3 WERA crew chief
I thought I saw new dates later in the Summer I didn’t see before.


Control Rider
Fellas, Couple things to note:

--There were no additional Summit Dates added. All the dates were loaded in our registration system at the beginning of the year.
--The calendar on the website only shows the upcoming 5-ish months. It's a function of the calendar plug-in if I understand it correctly.
--Roger will be continuing this year so his dates are not available. We will continue to inquire about additional Main dates, but that track is historically booked.
--There are actually a couple dates that were added late (Road Atlanta race practice days + 3rd day added to PittRace weekend). These are available in the registration system. We planned on announcing this and it's in the works. You should see something in the next week.


IronMan Alex's R3 WERA crew chief
Thanks Jim for the clarifications. Roger's announcement made it sound like he was done done.