Tire warmers


Control Rider
I've had the best luck with MotoD. My Woodcrafts worked awesome...but they kept coming apart.


Control Rider
If you want to go less expensive, Sportbike Track Gear sells some that are branded with their name, but made by Chicken Hawk. Chicken Hawk is another brand I see a lot around the paddock.
Capit are exceptional, but pricey.

I personally use Bickle Racing's, they're in Canada. He stands by his product. My first set lasted 6 years.


Control Rider
Coming apart as in seams failing or not staying on the wheel?
I had problems with the curtains coming off and apart, and the area where the wiring goes in coming apart (seams). Every few weekends we were stitching them back together in place or another, and I'm really easy on gear and equipment. It was the driver for me to try MotoD.


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