VIR South Monday 8/1


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Being one of the slower riders out there ( novice and never been to South) I want to acknowledge you all for safe passes!


Hey, I was your paddock neighbor. Sorry if I was holding you up. Thanks for posting that I've never actually seen myself riding. I had a great time. I'm definitely going to make it a point to hit the South course as often as possible. Thanks again to Brad for helping me with the line.
Not holding me up at all, dude! You're way more consistent through the fish hook. We definitely will have to rip together again soon!


Monday was a blast. Did not set a new PB but my fastest lap of the day was within a tenth of that according to my old school lap timer. Max speed for each recorded session was 140 plus an MPH or two. Big gains in the consistency department. Huge thanks to all for an awesome day!