Who's coming to RRR?


Argh. Rain is really ruining this season for me so far. Do I want to drive 8.5 hours and back for one day of riding if it is going to rain Sunday? Maybe.

I'm not going to put rains on Sunday because I need to leave a few sessions early for Summit on Monday. But at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if it rains there too.

This is all because I said I was going to buy rain wheels and tires for this season so I didn't need to refresh the weather app every 30 minutes all week, but didn't.


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Perfect weather today at RRR.

Big ol’ thanks to Quentin, JoJo, Robert, Aaron and the rest of the N2 crew for a great day on the track with the Green Empire of the East Coast.


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If anyone wants Saturday novice video, I'm beginning to upload from all sessions. Can't post if I include the URL - just PM me and I will share the URL.