ysr 50 with a yz 80 motor

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by forks101, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. forks101

    forks101 New Member

    I have a 1989 ysr 50 that someone put a 87 yz 80 motor on. it is not street legal nomore and only coms with a bill of sell.

    The motor has a new top end.
    It has a 2mm over wisco piston
    a barrnet clutch
    a flat side carb
    aftermarket exhaust
    good tires
    the head was shaved
    the cylinder was deck

    price: 750.00 or trade for a crf 100 or xr 100
    pm me for more details i will try and load some pics on monday...
  2. Big Deezul

    Big Deezul Member

  3. forks101

    forks101 New Member

    pics sent to big deezul
  4. vincent33

    vincent33 New Member

  5. forks101

    forks101 New Member

    I will send them tonight
  6. forks101

    forks101 New Member

    bump bumpbump
  7. gixercrew

    gixercrew New Member

    still have the ysr if so send pics to amapro993 at yahoo pls
  8. jimgl3

    jimgl3 Member

    Earl Hayden did that when Nicky was starting out!
    I'm sure others copied him after that, but just think if that was Nicky's bike!
  9. gixercrew

    gixercrew New Member

    jim i tried emailing you but i musrt have gotten your amail wrong hit me up on yahoo at amapro993 so we can exchange phn numbers

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