ZX6R Fresh Build- with street bodywork and clear title. Lots of Extras. Northern Virgina

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    Extremely clean 2009 ZX6R that was purchased this past February from a collector with only 8 (eight) miles on the odometer. Apparently, he never rode it, but to his credit he did have it on stands and battery tender along with 9 other bikes. I broke it in on the street for about 450 miles before building it for the track. Currently mileage sits at 1,254. Bike is solid and fast. In track trim with a rider at 220lbs geared up, I was able to turn 1:19s at Summit Main, and I’m sure it can do better.

    And yes, it does come with a clear Virginia Title.

    Parts list front to back:

    · Core Moto brake lines front and rear.

    · Carbone Lorraine pads up front.

    · Speed Bleeders on all four fittings.

    · All Balls bearings front and rear.

    · R&G tank sliders.

    · Stomp Grip pads and tank protector.

    · Yoshimura Case savers/sliders.

    · Driven Rearsets.

    · MotoD magnetic drain plug.

    · ECU Reflashed by MRP for no cats and M4 exhaust- no dyno sheets but exact builds net 125hp on pump gas.

    · Penske Rear Shock- sprung for 190lbs rider. Suspension/ geometry by MRP and is spot on (see tire wear).

    · Driven Sprockets (-1/+1).

    · Woodcraft rear spools.

    · Pirelli Superbike Slicks with 2 days on them (SC1 front, SC2 rear).

    · Safety wired oil drain, fill, filter, and rear axle pin.

    · Fluids- Valvoline 4T, Engine ICE, RBF 600.


    · Complete set of Armour Bodies with Supersport tail and windscreen with 2 days on them (lower has a hot spot from before I added the heat shield but its otherwise perfect). Currently has yellow plates with #991.

    · Race exhaust hanger, with SATO Racing tie down hook bracket for the opposing side.

    · Set of OEM Bridgestones that came with the bike- approximately 450 miles on them.

    · OEM Shock, tinted windscreen, and sprockets.

    · Spares, all new: Exhaust strap, slider puck, Driven peg, set of OEM Levers, billet clip-ons, and OEM rectifier.

    · Also includes a new radiator guard (never installed), and a spare OEM shift rod with heim joint and arm.

    Lastly- sale will include both OEM keys, all maintenance records, and receipts for everything that’s been done.

    Currently the bike is street trim and aside from the slicks could pass state inspection. I have never put the bike down but there are a few fine scratches on the right side of the mid fairing that were said to have been caused in storage. They are difficult to find and from their location it definitely didn’t happen with the bike on the move. I’ll include a picture.

    Reason for sale is simple, it’s a great bike. But I recently got to demo a new R1:squid:, so of course I have to have a new R1 :like:. So with 2 bikes in the garage and another in the living room I have to make space. Asking $7250 for the package OBO.

    Bike is located in Northern Virgina about 10 mins from Dulles. ZIP 20105
    (502) 436-3241

    Thanks for Looking.

    Also ,
    $750 for the Penske if you’re interested, and I’ll lower the price of the package accordingly.
    $250 for the Armour Bodies, and the package will decrease just the same.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.JPG 9.jpg
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    Remaining pics. 10.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg
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    Bump... Price for everything is $6750.
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    Bump/ Price Drop $6250 OBO

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