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    2009 CBR600RR

    Tossed a feeler out before my last track day, but I'm pretty set on selling it now. Minor lowside but rode the bike at my last track day afterwards. No damage other than a bent clutch lever and fairing damage (pics) 3500 OBO SOME negotiation room on price. CLEAN SC TITLE Has 2007 engine in...
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    Road Atlanta 19-20 Oct

    In! favorite part at RA might be T9 or getting T5 right....If I ever get T1 right, it might be in there too...
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    Tech Benefit

    Whether you're a member or not, coaches will work with you to help you get the bike ready for the track, depending on what needs done. The burden of responsibility ultimately rests on your shoulders though to be prepared for the track. Exceptions happen, and the N2 staff is fantastic for helping...
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    CMP in Kershaw, SC 8/31-9/1

    in for Saturday Would like to work with a CR if possible. hoping to work with Kurt some if he's available, but more eyes, the better. Not looking for a bump, just looking to fix some things.
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    How tight should a race suit fit?

    I am 6'1 and was about 265 last year. I had an AGVsport Podium size 50 and it fit well. I've learned that AGV isnt super proportionate in the arms compared to the chest/ gut area.... If you're still on the fence, you should really consider a custom suit. If you dont see a lot of weight...
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    Road Atlanta on Independence Day Weekend

    Well, the bike didnt go boom, so that's always a plus. ;) Huey's Friday night class put a lot of "dots" on the track and gave a good idea of what I need to do to connect them. I feel like I made some progress, even though I was still one of the slowest in I group. Kurt gave me some feedback...
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    WD40 on my front tire - is it done?

    I got WD40 on the side of my street bike's rear tire and it sent me up the road.... Stupid mistake on my part. After that, I cleaned the tire, scrubbed with soap and water, let it dry thoroughly, and gingerly rode it after that, but didnt feel any more slips. As stated above, Take it easy, let...
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    ACE or N2?

    Was there no Intro group there that day? Normally intro group has a dedicated CR for at least the first 2 sessions would will lead the group of first timers around at a slower pace than the rest of novice to get them acclimated. He/ she will then seek out each member of that group to see how...
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    Please allow me to re-introduce myself I'm a man of . . .

    I wanted to buy those so bad.. :(
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    2007 CBR600RR gearing

    I've only ridden at Road Atlanta once, but I still have stock gearing; 16/42. I was NOT topping the bike out on the back straight and as long as I was doing my part, the bike had plenty of get up and go. The biggest areas of concern I saw were in the exit of T5. I think one morning session found...
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    CMP April 6th & 7th, who's in

    Thanks man, I've had a ton of support and encouragement that its really overwhelming... had a lot going on this year, and then this happened. The one session I did have keeps me encouraged though. lol hopefully the few pics I'll see help confirm good things haha
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    CMP April 6th & 7th, who's in

    Bike went boom in second session.... :'( Still had a great day watching all the folks I pitted with get quicker as the day went on. Sorry to all those in I that I cause the yellow in second session... Im glad I didnt spew anything on track though.... It was my first full session running in I...
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    CMP April 6th & 7th, who's in

    Will do brother. I'm gonna need a tow something fierce my friend. Lots to work on and cob webs to get off. Come get some grub tomorrow night!!
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    New Ninja 636... $9999 MSRP?

    My wife rides a 2018 400 and wants a new 636 something fierce.... We've recently been seeing some failures in oil pumps on the 400, so we're keeping an eye on hers best we can until we can swing a new zx6r for her. but she popped a squat on one and seemed to be fairly comfortable on it. She's...
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    CMP April 6th & 7th, who's in

    Will be there on saturday! come over friday evening for a burger at our pit! if you're in I group, then you get 2 burgers.... Just remember that i fed you when you're cussing me for being so slow! :unsure: