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    PitBull and Votex and GP Tech heavy duty stands

    Pitbull and GP Tech stands are now sold. Vortex stands are the only ones left.
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    PitBull and Votex and GP Tech heavy duty stands

    By "Jack stands" do you mean the GP Tech center stands?
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    Erion Racing race rims.....Marchesini forged magnesium 16.5 sbk wheels

    Have several REAR wheels from the Erion Racing race team used on their FX bikes. They are currently set up for 03-06 Honda 600rr but can be set up for nearly any other variation with the proper spacers. Please don't ask me how to do this as its impossible to tell over the internet. Any...
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    2002 HONDA RC51 frame clean & clear

    Have a good condition 2002 RC51 frame. Has a clean and clear title with around 12k miles on it. The frame is in good shape with nary a nick on it. The left side fairing rubbed through the finish a little on the frame rail. This is common for this bike if the owner isn't aware to put rubber...
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    GSXR 1000 after market mid mount exhaust

    Have an aftermarket exhaust from a 2004 GSXR 1000. I later fitted a stock 06 exhaust to this bike so i know the aftermarket exhaust will fit the 2003-2006 GSXR 1000 bike. It may fit other years, but i can only confirm 03-06. The header, collector, and up-pipe is SS; and i believe it is from...
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    Ducati 1098/1198 rear wheel.....from zero mile bike

    The wheel was a new bike take off as it was immediately converted to a race bike right out the box. I was going to use this wheel for a project a long time ago and never ended up using it. So hopefully someone around here has a use for a brand new wheel. 400 plus shipping.
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    GSXR Carrozzeria forged aluminum race rim set 16.5 inch

    I don't know all the years these wheels will fit, but i do know that the gsxr line of bikes interchange lots of parts. The rims where on a 2004 GSXR 1000 so i know for sure they will fit 03/04 and that is all i can guarantee them to fit. Others may be much more in tune with the...
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    Febur oil coolers.....brand new never used

    Have some oil coolers made by Febur which where never used. Can be used on any bike or any other application one feels like using it for. Originally they sold for 800 but will do 300 per unit. Buy more and we can discuss a discount. If you need sizing to figure out if it will work for your...
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    PitBull and Votex and GP Tech heavy duty stands

    Have some really good/sturdy stands that aren't being used. All are well made from thick gauge steel and will last a lifetime. Don't know what shipping will run so you'll need to send me your zip code to get an estimated shipped total. Vortex and Pitbull stands will be 75 bucks plus...
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    Carrozzeria CZ race wheel set for GSXR in anodized black

    For pics PM your email addy. Have a set of CZ 16.5 inch forged aluminum race wheels that were fitted to a 2004 GSXR 1000. Don't know exactly which other GSXR models and/or years these will work on but Suzuki bikes are fairly interchangeable. Ask around on the gixxer forums for clarification...
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    STM primary clutch springs

    For pics please PM me your email addy. Have one brand new in package 140kg primary spring which is 125mm i believe. 0f3sr540b14005e is the part number printed on the package/box. Also have a slightly used 150kg and 160kg primary. Search the internet high and low for the cheapest price for a...
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    Erion Racing Marchesini magnesium wheels

    Apparently the pics are to large to upload, i don't know how to resize them for this site, and the new forum doesn't resize automatically for attachments. Soooooo, if you want pictures just send me your email address through a PM. The rims are 5 and 10 spoke Marchesini mg. wheels from the...
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    WTB: RC51 Front Brake Caliper

    Same brake pads....not the same calipers. Different piston sizes. I have a nice set of calipers both front and rear. Will need to sell the front calipers as a pair though. If you are good with buying a pair then let me know and i'll go snap some pics for ya.
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    Ohlins 25 mm Cartridegs 07-12 CBR600

    Knew those weren't going to last long. Best its that way......saves me from having to go find some forks to put them in.