Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by DrD, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. cmmpr1

    cmmpr1 New Member

    Dominion is only 35 miles from my home-yeah!!!. I can sign double days and still go home at night.
  2. prplppleatr239

    prplppleatr239 New Member

    Looking forward to trying out Dominion as well. It's a 5 hr drive for me, provided nothing dumb happens on I-95.

    Has there been a time frame or deadline posted for the season packages? The email I got says there's a savings of $2-300 on them, does that mean the price will go up after a certain date?

    That's basically a set or tires in savings....
  3. KN53

    KN53 New Member

    Looks like I'll just have to do a few 3-4 day trips across this great country from LI. Anyone have a favorite between Talladega, Roebling and NCBike?
  4. Evil Cupcake

    Evil Cupcake Control Rider

    Otto and I live in the middle of that stretch of I-95 and drive it every day. Yeah, it blows...especially in the summer when all the idiots from Florida to Maine are on the freeway trying to go on vacation while we are just trying to go home or get to work.

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