ACE or N2?

Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by mdmarchesi46, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. mdmarchesi46

    mdmarchesi46 New Member

    rode with ACEon the 23rd and 24th. I would say stick with N2
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  2. Greg ZX6R

    Greg ZX6R Member

    I agree. Don't even get me started.
  3. chrisplm

    chrisplm Chris Control Rider

    I've never ridden with ACE, but I'd love to hear any feedback, so we know what to focus on.
  4. mdmarchesi46

    mdmarchesi46 New Member

    It may have been one of those days. But the next day as well. the ambulance and recovery truck were heading out much too regularly. Sometimes bringing 2 bikes and riders back at the same time. As for the "coaches" , they were just hauling it around the track; didn't hear one word from any of them for 2 days.
  5. CBRtist

    CBRtist La Loca Staff Member

    Obviously, I might come off as biased. But, I have ridden with other clubs... not out of want or need, but because I didn't think it would be fair to judge on hearsay alone. Especially in promoting N2, it helps me to be able to weigh in objectively and push the strengths of our club without pointing out the negatives (or bashing) other clubs. I won't be naming any specific clubs here or what I think they should/shouldn't do. Their circus, their monkeys. No control over that.

    All clubs have their strengths and weaknesses. Some are ok with opening themselves up to larger risks, and the consequences associated with them. My recent motto has been this is NOT a casual sport, and any club that begins treating it as such, should not be the club for anybody. That does not mean you can not have fun, it does not mean safety is guaranteed, but N2 is truly serious about how they run a day and deal with offenders. That IMO is on of N2's many strengths, what it makes it the "university" to become a better rider and a premier organization. We may get labeled as the Rule Nazis, but they are in place for a reason. Anybody can count our red flags on a single hand (if any) on any given day.

    Another strength, is that our CRs manage people's expectations based on their abilities. Some people think our CRs are simply shitting on their dream, not recognizing their natural born talent, and wander to another club for praises and to be pushed to limits they have no business being in. I've observed over the years that our CRs in general, have a knack for gently reeling back an ego or carefully nudging the meeker past their fears. They aren't traffic police, they are instructors.

    I have friends that ride with other organizations, and I totally respect their decisions to ride where they feel comfortable. I will say that for any new-to-the-track rider and youths, I believe we have the best comprehensive program and instruction. And that is a crucial building block for any rider looking to advance in any area.
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  6. Menotomy

    Menotomy World's Okayest Racer

    Well articulated Judy.
  7. HondaGalToo

    HondaGalToo Control Rider

    That was Wendy, but thanks, lol!
  8. Menotomy

    Menotomy World's Okayest Racer

    Sorry Wendy! How did I mess that up? lol. I saw both of you this past weekend.
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  9. HondaGalToo

    HondaGalToo Control Rider

    We're sort of interchangeable. Lucy and Ethel. LMAO!!
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  10. Menotomy

    Menotomy World's Okayest Racer

    I guess I'll just have to differentiate you two by which one dumped ice on Anthony. :D
  11. CBRtist

    CBRtist La Loca Staff Member

    1. It was my idea to dump ice on Anthony (Stephanie assisted). I'm sure he was looking for another excuse to get naked (yet again) during the day... and we provided.

    2. Judy was probably pissed that I gave him a CR ice shower and not her.

    3. Judy and I are interchangeable at times but here's the obvious difference:

    a) She's far faster and more skilled
    b) She's gets up way earlier #BrownDogWhiteDog
    c) You'll never see me in a cone hat and rainbow spandex
    d) We have different preferences when it comes to dating
    e) She likes coffee, I like tea
    f) Cup size (and I'm not talking coffee or tea)
    g) #poptarts
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  12. HondaGalToo

    HondaGalToo Control Rider

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  13. wmhjr

    wmhjr Grandpa Control Rider

    Oh boy...
  14. Myers

    Myers Control Rider

  15. MrFrzz

    MrFrzz slow and wide

    I have ONLY ridden and attended N2 days, although we have entertained visiting with other venues based on costs and conveniences, but I'm very hesitant to do so after seeing how N2 does things.

    As far as CR's I think they're top notch and I agree they have a way or reeling in egos. If not in a direct, reprimanding way, then a subtle "dont forget who you are" humbling kind of way. And I don't mean that negatively. If anything its a quick reality check, and also encouragement tool to see that goal in motion.

    One of our sessions @ Roebling I got a pleasant surprise. I had spoken with my CR before going out on the track, and asked if someone had already wanted him to ride with them and see how they were doing. He was "taken" so I had to wait for the last session. No big deal. However it started to rain. Most of our group (Novice group) sat out, including a couple people that we traveled with. This was my first TD, and I wanted to learn all i could. That meant facing my fearing and seeing how it felt on track in rain.

    I hopped out on the track with a far smaller group then normal and we took off. I made it a lap around and actually had passed someone (I hadnt passed anyone all day) so I was feeling good. I was keeping pace (albeit slower than normal) but I felt good. Next thing I knew, the CR I had spoken with flew past me, and turned around to give me a thumbs up. This small gesture was great for my confidence. I tucked in behind him, and tried to stick with him all through the next lap, all the time under his watch (knowing full well he was riding terribly slow for his own pace)

    Once we came off, he took the time to come find me and follow up with me.

    As a developing rider, this is what we want and need. Yes, its fun to go out and rip around, but I wanna know that the folks I'm next to and the ones coming up behind me have the same respect for safety that I do. So thanks to N2 for keep that paramount at your events.
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  16. FingersCrossedMoto

    FingersCrossedMoto New Member

    Rode my first track day with N2 yesterday (29th at NJMP), having only previously ridden with ACE, so I'd like to provide my perspective on the topic.
    I ride in the Red group with ACE (intermediate equivalent i guess?), but registered as Novice for the day because: new group, new year, why not.

    I thought the CR's were awesome. Chris specifically was super helpful and in the garage next to mine. The feedback was super applicable, the observations were clearly focused, and overall it really added to my day and allowed me to feel like I had made specific measurable improvements. Ultimately it got me bumped to I.

    The one area where I think ACE has done well (even if the execution lacks occasionally) is their Mandatory Introduction School and $99 first time offer.
    For me, on my very first track day, the nerves were insane. They do some VERY controlled Lead/Follow exercises at 25% pace, 50% pace, and 75% pace led by instructors.
    It allowed me to understand exactly where the race line is, and learn the track really well.
    Basically following an instructors wheel allowed me to forget the nerves and loosen up, while acclimating to track speeds and lean angles I hadn't experienced before.

    I run a motorcycle Co-0p garage and we always encourage track days. I think N2 jumps into 'get out on the track' a little quicker, and might throw some brand new folks into a bit of a sensory paralysis. The additional perk of the super low 'first time' rate pushes a lot of folks over the line when deciding if they want to try it out. You get what you pay for, but you've got to get people in the door also, so there's a balance obviously.
    If n2 would incorporate a similar first day/before lunch lead/follow structure that slowly increases pace, id be super stoked on it.

    Overall though, my experience yesterday was phenomenal and I left super impressed with the Org.
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  17. TimTheAsian

    TimTheAsian Fresh off the Boat Staff Member

    We do have a first timer program called Try the Track! The offer includes 2 free sessions out on track in the morning in novice. The person can then walk away with no obligations or choose to stay and ride the rest of the day for a special, low rate.

    We also offer limited gear rental if that is a hurdle for someone going back and forth if they want to give it a shot or not.

    If people are interested they can shoot a shout and we'll get you taken care of. This offer is good for people that have never been on track at all (regardless of organization).
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  18. MrFrzz

    MrFrzz slow and wide

    Was there no Intro group there that day?

    Normally intro group has a dedicated CR for at least the first 2 sessions would will lead the group of first timers around at a slower pace than the rest of novice to get them acclimated. He/ she will then seek out each member of that group to see how they're doing and feeling after those first two sessions. These sessions are actually free with N2. If the rider wants to stay for the rest of the day, they just pay for the day in its entirety and then get to go ride with the rest of Novice group.

    I cant say if those CR's dedicated to intro group keep a closer eye on those that stay for the rest of the day or not, but they are definitely available for feedback and continue to work with riders as the day progresses.

    Its difficult for the Intro group CR's to be able to show the right line, especially on short, fast tracks as they have to get the rest of the group out of the way to allow the faster riders through.
  19. Slitherin

    Slitherin Control Rider Director

    FCM.......Thanks for the feedback. We usually have the new to the track riders split off with a coach or two in order to get them accustomed to the track process. We take them out lead/follow and lead them into the proper pit in procedure as well. These new riders can stay with that coach as long as they would like (up to and including all day). Once they feel comfortable and want to blend into the rest of the Novice group they are welcome to do so. That being said, we were split yesterday with an event at Summit as well as ours in NJMP. I sprung the Novice meeting on Steve the morning of and we did not discuss the New rider process so I don't know if that happened as usual. You will see that process at all of our events at least up until lunch. We are also able to do one on one if anyone is still not up to speed even after their first day. Sometimes leading a rider that isn't up to pace with the group yet lets them not think about whats going on behind them and allows them to focus on themselves. If they know they have a coach leading them that has their back to pull them off line to allow others to pass, the anxiety starts to ease just enough to enjoy their day.

    Thanks for coming out to ride with us. Hope to see you at future events and at other tracks.

    John Farrell
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  20. chrisplm

    chrisplm Chris Control Rider

    Hey Matt (aka F.C.M.)
    Thanks for the feedback and kind words. I'm glad you had a great day!
    I try to work with as many riders as I can, so I'm glad we were able to get out together for the sessions we did.
    You were riding very well and smart. Keep up that Yoga!:like:

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