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Discussion in 'Track Days' started by MT_Tate, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. MT_Tate

    MT_Tate New Member

    New to the forum and figured I might be able to get some help here. I'm wanting to go to my first track day before the season ends but there's one problem. I wear size 16 shoe and they do not make race boots in my size. I can find dirt boots in my size but I'm not wanting anything that large and bulky. Could I get away with wearing high top steel toes? Or am I just SOL?
  2. tdelegram

    tdelegram Control Rider

    I believe the requirement is over the ankle, my personal preference would be for an MX boot over a work boot due to the protection it would provide over a work boot. Regardless, if you’re going to do this more than once you should invest in quality gear over the winter. Finally I would send an email to support@n2td.org to see if they might have some boots that you could rent.
  3. TimTheAsian

    TimTheAsian Fresh off the Boat Staff Member

    Unfortunately we do not have a boot of such magnitude in our inventory. :(
  4. HondaGalToo

    HondaGalToo Control Rider

    Contact Brian Van at sportbiketrackgear.com
    He's really knowledgeable. If there's something in your size, he'd be the one to find it.
  5. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    Probably worth a call to Mike at Solo Moto Parts too.

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