First track day, Roebling


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Hey all,

First track day for me is coming up for Roebling end of the month. Bringing my Pani V4, terrified but also excited! Tips? thanks!


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First, welcome!

A few quick Tips:

-read the riders manual
-Watch for new information regarding covid procedures
-leave your ego At home
-ask the CR’s for help


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Eric nailed it.

Welcome aboard see you there stop over and say hello. #112 R1 and RC8, feel free to ask any questions or for any help.


Pork Chop

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Hey V4KG, I'll be right there with you in the novice group. So glad this event is happening. I'm prepping my FZ09 today and I will reread N2 rider's manual. Looks like Saturdays weather is gonna work for us.
With me off the bike I'm setting my chain slack at 1.5". What is recommended chain slack and tire pressure ?
Thank You, Chris


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Each bike model has its own spec. Better a little loose than a little tight. I run all of my chains so that they just clear the chain guide (not guard) at their most loose position. They should not be so loose as to jump a sprocket tooth. Too tight will lock up your suspension travel early and potentially break a chain.

Rob Schoenbeck

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AND THE GOLDEN RULE AT ROEBLING........TURN TURN TURN. If you dont't think you'll make the corner......turn. You'll make it.