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Discussion in 'N2 Paddock Section' started by r6blondie, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. r6blondie

    r6blondie Staff Member

    Roll call - Who's going to the DC motorcycle show?? Which day are you going? Be sure to rep with your handy dandy N2 shirts and hats :)
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  2. fowlplayracing

    fowlplayracing Steve Control Rider

  3. Backmarker

    Backmarker Member

    In for Saturday...
  4. Lenny ZX9R

    Lenny ZX9R Control Rider

    We'll be there 3 days!
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  5. Otto Man

    Otto Man John Control Rider

    See you guys on Saturday!
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  6. Kurt_Orban

    Kurt_Orban Member

    I'll be there, might be Saturday, or Sunday. Not sure yet. Is N2 getting another booth this year?

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  7. tdelegram

    tdelegram Well-Known Member

    When is ims?
  8. TimTheAsian

    TimTheAsian Fresh off the Boat Staff Member

  9. tdelegram

    tdelegram Well-Known Member

    Well played, but your link is broken or apple wont allow it to work on safari. Now that I have googled it myself with no help from Tim and have exhausted myself doing so, I can confidently say I’ll be prepping my trailer and bikes for Jennings this weekend.
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  10. TimTheAsian

    TimTheAsian Fresh off the Boat Staff Member

    Its Apple/ safari. Works on my windows/chrome machine *shrug*
  11. 2blueyam

    2blueyam New Member

    The link works just fine on my IPhone. I am probably not going to the IMS, but might if I don’t have anything better to do, like work on the track bike.
  12. Kruizen

    Kruizen Control Rider

    In for Saturday!
  13. Slitherin

    Slitherin Control Rider Director

    Thanks everyone who helped work the booth this past weekend and thanks for everyone who stopped by to say hi. I was only there Sunday but there were points where everyone was talking to someone at the booth explaining what N2 is all about. Thanks again for spreading the word and introducing new members to the world we sometimes take for granted. I'm always amazed at the number of people who have never heard about trackdays and think the cost of getting started is way more than it actually is.

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