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  1. djhurayt

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    In the above 3 line item example:
    I am assuming that the top item (Saturday with the red ATP tag) and bottom (Sunday) are just a regular track day at $175/day

    And that if I want to ride Saturday with the ATP training it will be $325 for the day. Or is it an additional $325 plus the $175?
  2. tdelegram

    tdelegram Control Rider

    Just the 325, if you select you can cancel before you pay.
  3. rob92

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    The ATP course is $325 additional (track day + 325). When you select an event in checkout, you can add “add-on” items like ATP or the racer school.

    There’s a full description of ATP on our site. The students love it, you get almost 1:1 instruction all day long.
  4. Kruizen

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    Give Tom an orange shirt and he thinks he knows everything. lol
  5. Kurt_Orban

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  6. TimTheAsian

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    ATP and Race School are in addition to the cost of the track day.

    ATP is our mini YCRS :) lots of good feedback from the students that have taken it.

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