Rider returning after hiatus; is a bump down required?

Discussion in 'N2 Paddock Section' started by virtualsolitude, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. virtualsolitude

    virtualsolitude Musician, physician but mostly fond of fishin'.

    I been posting a bit these past few days, that I'm planning to return to the track in 2019.

    I'm not new to track days nor N2. I rode with NESBA back in the day and have done a few days with N2 (in 2014). I've also rode, that year, with other track day orgs (TPM, Motorcycle Excitement, Evolve GT).

    I believe I'm still listed as an "I" rider in N2 although I last rode on the track in 2014.

    Question: I'm wondering if I should start back in "B" or if I will be required to start back in "B".

    I feel quite certain I'll get comfy sooner rather than later, in the "I" group.

    Part of me worries about being in the "B" since, in my first time riding with M.E. in 2014, I was placed in the "beginner" group (though I was an "I" in N2) and riders were crashing quite a bit. My day ended early when one guy overtook me on the outside of turn 4 and high sided in front of me. I had no choice but to stand up the bike and bounce through the grass into the tire barrier. A CR later told me that the CRs were trying to "keep an eye on that guy and his riding". Grr.

    So, the next time I rode in the "beginner" group, I took an unorthodox approach to getting the bump...

    I passed a CR rider (who just wouldn't notice me showing my wheel for permission to pass) and never looked back. Thankfully, he was cool about it and, quote, since he couldn't catch me, he did take notice that my riding and lines were good. So, he had another CR eval me and I got the bump.

    I don't plan to do that again.

    Anyhow, I rambled a bit here. My question (I have two actually), in case it got buried in my post (lol) are:

    1. Are returning riders required to bump down?
    2. Where are rider bumps posted on the N2 site?

  2. virtualsolitude

    virtualsolitude Musician, physician but mostly fond of fishin'.

    p.s., I did use the Search feature. But found only 1 thread about a "A" rider considering bumping down. Maybe my search word choices were not good.
  3. tad158

    tad158 Astronomer not Astrologer

    As a fellow I rider....I would say, as long as you are consistent and on line your pace doesn't matter as much. If it were me, I would give a few sessions a go, and if you really don't feel comfortable ask to move down.
  4. virtualsolitude

    virtualsolitude Musician, physician but mostly fond of fishin'.

    Thanks for the reply Tad. I'll hope that's what N2 says also.

    And, also, I access my N2 account and saw where rider bumps and earned credits are listed.
  5. wmhjr

    wmhjr Grandpa Control Rider Director

    There is no "rule" that says after a certain amount of time you need to "bump down". Tad has it right. It's more about lines, consistency, being predictable than it is about pace. If it helps, seek out a CR in the morning and they can just take a couple laps with you. But if you were a solid I rider in 2014 you don't need to bump down unless either a CR - or you - feel like you're out of place.
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  6. virtualsolitude

    virtualsolitude Musician, physician but mostly fond of fishin'.

    Thanks wmhjr. I'll see how the first track day goes and take your advice from there.
  7. Otto Man

    Otto Man John Control Rider

    If you jump on one of the first few TD's of the season, I can tell you from past experience that all groups are a marked difference off their normal group pace for the first couple of weekends. Most riders (unless they are lucky enough to drive way south over the winter) haven't been on their bikes in month and nobody is up to speed. Consistency, not your out right speed, is a far more important consideration when jumping back into the game. I would suggest going out in your normal group and giving yourself a few sessions for you to give your own evaluation. It's clear you are cognizant of your situation and I have no doubt you'll know, either way, after a session or two on what you should do.
  8. kappy1000

    kappy1000 Control Rider Director

    Come on out and ride. You will be back to pace more quickly than you think. Look forward to seeing back with us.
  9. Motofun352

    Motofun352 Control Rider

    It's kinda like riding a bike...no wait, it's exactly like riding a bike! :rofl:
    Seriously, most of this is about what is going on in your head. If you are too worked up about something it is likely to show up in your concentration and ability. Being comfortable in this situation is more important than outright speed. Once the comfort level returns then improvement through concentration can take place. No one knows just how fast that is as it varies between individuals. After 6 months of not riding we all take a bit to get our "sea legs" back.
  10. tdelegram

    tdelegram Well-Known Member

    Go really really fast, if something gets in your way, turn.
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  11. Motofun352

    Motofun352 Control Rider

    As always, Tom has firm grasp on his..........situation.o_O
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  12. Myers

    Myers Control Rider

    In "N" group and passed a CR that couldnt catch you? Interesting. These are the things that you need to let the director of the day know that same day.

    I would say in regard to your pace. Clean, Clear, Predictable (as mentioned above) and maintain a safe/fast aura of riding.. Get a CR involved for an evaluation. Stay in the class your assigned and lets work on "bumping" you so the records reflect the rider :)

    VERY Happy your back... folks coming back add so much to our environment. -< LETS ROLL! :squid:
  13. pjzocc

    pjzocc New Member

    What a coach!

  14. pjzocc

    pjzocc New Member

    As already stated, no "rule" about bumping down. But FWIW -

    I'm in about the same situation you're in OP, though a little longer layoff (2013) and probably a demon or two hanging in the back of my mind when I return this year.

    That said... I was probably pointy end of the "I" group when I left 5+ years ago. When I come back this year, I'm going back to "B" group. Did it once before after a couple year layoff, spent maybe a half day in that group before getting bumped back to "I". I felt zero hesitations about bumping back down. Some people wear the sticker as a symbol of status - I didn't give a fart. I just wanted to ride and shake off the cobwebs, and have fun. Also, talking with guys who are currently riding in the "I" group, their sentiment is that the group as a whole is faster than it was 5 years ago. Don't know how accurate that is, but something that I'm taking into account.

    I never felt unsafe in "B" group, and frankly, always felt that "I" was a little more sketch, and more so at some tracks than others. And, once I got a couple sessions under my belt and brushed off the dust, I worked on my passing skills in "B" and it taught me (again) how to set up for the pass. There's a lot to be learned about dialing it back a bit, and slowing down to go faster.

    If you do bump down, give me a wave as you pass me by!
  15. Motofun352

    Motofun352 Control Rider

    I hope folks realize that as CR's we follow the rules of the group we're riding in. Unless there's a clear immediate safety issue (like someone's on fire) I won't blow past a group of B riders in a turn to chase down a violator. The last thing I want to do is upset or even crash a member due to my actions. I will wait for the violator at the exit and we will have a conversation and it may not be pleasant. I'm sure most folks realize that safety has to be paramount in a track day environment before ego or even fun.
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  16. pjzocc

    pjzocc New Member

    I don’t think the incident he referenced was a N2 event, but thanks for the clarification!

    I’ve never had an incident with a CR here, nor seen one.
  17. virtualsolitude

    virtualsolitude Musician, physician but mostly fond of fishin'.

    tdelegram, thanks for the advice, I guess... :rolleyes: Lol.

    pjzocc, you're correct. It was in another organization. I'm not a flagrant (or even a non-flagrant) violator of the rules. Btw, your experience is relatable.

    Being in "I" or "B" is not an ego thing for me either. I appreciate everyone's advice. I'm ready to go and GET IT ON! Still working on getting a track bike though.
  18. Jester

    Jester Yamahawkins Control Rider

    Anything in particular we can keep an eye out for?
  19. virtualsolitude

    virtualsolitude Musician, physician but mostly fond of fishin'.

    Well, since you're asking...Yes. Something like my old R6 that I sold on here back in 2014 --> https://forum.n2td.org/index.php?threads/2003-yamaha-r6-track-bike-for-sale.34977/

    I did try to locate the buyer, FWIW. No luck.

    An R6 is preferrable (since I've worked on them for quite some years) or a gixxer 600/750... with most of the goodies already sprinkled on. In good shape and clean. Just so it's well-maintained.

    borislav has a nice one and he's freaking nearby. But it's a little out of reach for me.
  20. virtualsolitude

    virtualsolitude Musician, physician but mostly fond of fishin'.

    I regret selling my last track bike... Had I known I was coming back to the track.... Tsk...

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