Road Atlanta 19-20 Oct

Discussion in 'Track Days' started by Huey130, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. Slawson

    Slawson Wannabe Racer

    Saturday looks wet cool and windy

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  2. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    Hey guys, I'll be rolling in this afternoon in the rain. I'm planning to do a track walk during quiet time tomorrow,Sunday. Any takers?
  3. okrider

    okrider New Member

    I could be down it'll help memorize the track as it's going to be my first time at Road Atlanta
  4. okrider

    okrider New Member

    Missed Connection: Last session of Novice today, I was following an instructor blue bike, #313. After following him for a lap, he went straight between the cones at Turn 12 towards the upper area. I wasn't sure if he wanted me to follow but I didn't and now I'm curious what he thought and if he had any recommendations.
  5. Slawson

    Slawson Wannabe Racer

    Maybe he was coming into 12 hot, used it for run off???

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  6. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    Maybe we need some Don't Follow Me shirts. :)
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  7. Hey Huey. Great day Sunday, however, I think I got chiggers in turn 5.
  8. Huey130

    Huey130 Director Race Director

    Dangit. I knew that was gonna happen! Hahahha

    thank y’all so much for helping with the Airfence.

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