Road Atlanta 7/4-7/6/14 Experience

Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by drewhinkle, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. drewhinkle

    drewhinkle New Member

    A big "THANK YOU" to the great folks at N2 for hosting such a fantastic event. This was my first track event and I got to spend 2 full days. I can tell you that it was well worth the investment. I say "investment" because the skills and confidence that I took with me far outweighed the paltry admission price.

    The entire staff from N2 was bloody awesome and the attendees were great, too. There was an overwhelming spirit of helpfulness and kinship present, and I must say that my expectations were exceeded. There was classroom instruction, a walk of the track, 2-up rides with Scott Russell, repairs by Marietta Motorsports, and a 20 minutes of riding every hour. Chris even loaned me his gloves after some douche-bag spectators stole mine.

    I didn't ride with Russell because of the never-ending line list, but I heard that it was phenomenal. They passed me on one wheel several times, which made me chuckle. Marietta Motorsports was doing their best to keep up with the heavy demand, too, and weren't gouging people in the process. I had my clutch fluid changed a few days beforehand but it wasn't bled properly so Huey fixed that and my Brembos were rock solid again. Jonathan led the track walk on foot and showed us all the important points along with great advice. Chris ran the in-class instruction with help from Anne Roberts and Scott Russell (plus one other young racer that I can't remember by name - sorry). I learned a ton of riding skills that I will take with me to the streets and back to the track forever; trail braking, body position, foot position, engine braking, tire pressure, targeting, etc.

    Day 1 was a bit rough since I did't know the track and I was operating on only 2.5 hours sleep, but the CRs really helped get me acclimated and to feel secure. On the second day things started to gel and I was able to put together all the stuff I was learning. I am now braking later, cornering faster, and my overall skill and comfort level has increased significantly. I dragged a knee in every corner except turn 1, and I'm doing it better and more confidently.

    Just one question... when is N2 coming back to Road Atlanta?
  2. rob92

    rob92 Control Rider N2

    We're every glad that you had such a great time! Everyone here has a keen interest in helping members and providing the coaching and education to help folks rider better while having fun in the process. It really was an epic weekend.

    Sorry we couldn't help find your gloves :(

    This was our last event at Road Atlanta for this season, but we'll continue to work with the track monitoring for cancellations while we setup for our 2015 season/schedule. Next week, we'll be at NCBIKE if you'd like to give that track a try.
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  3. Smithereens

    Smithereens Control Rider N2

    Great group of riders .... awesome weather .... AMA quality track ..... couldn't have asked for more. Glad my gloves fit you .... sorry that you couldn't find yours.

    We've already run 8 days at RA this year but unless something opens up with enough lead time we won't be back at Road Atlanta until next Spring.

    Definitely feels good to get your feedback .... even better to watch so many riders improve their skill sets over the weekend!

    Thanks for your help taking the air fence apart after the event.... it really helped us to get on the road so we could get back north in time for a few guys to go to work this morning. We all know they'll be dragging a bit:)

    See you at the track!
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  4. Smoke30

    Smoke30 Nick Control Rider

    Good Times.
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  5. K46Ryder

    K46Ryder New Member

    Had a great time myself. All of the controls riders that were around were very helpful and insightful.
    Learned alot which is the most important part.
    Had fun on the slide at the top of Turn 5 at end of the day as well.

    2 Big lessons learned this weekend.
    • "The fastest riders, have the slowest hands" - Control Riders
    • "All we want to see is clean lines, and good technique, and playing by the rules" - Control Riders
    Those quotes will take you very far with any track day!
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  6. borislav

    borislav Control Rider

    In short"What a grate three days of riding and hanging arround with wonderful people."
    Tired as hell but would do it again in a heartbeat!
    Thanks to the members for playing nice,I hope I was able to help some of you guys and girls improve your riding and have fun at awesome RA track!
  7. TrackSide Gear

    TrackSide Gear Staff Member

    This post is for those who are not on FaceBook. A resounding "THANK YOU" !!
  8. rob92

    rob92 Control Rider N2

    Thank you for coming out Susan + Tommy, you guys are awesome!
  9. TrackSide Gear

    TrackSide Gear Staff Member

    Thanks Rob!
  10. Dickie

    Dickie Control Rider

    Hey Tommy, I saw that you guys had some of the Teknic's at Road A, and I need a new suit sooner than later. Do you have a store/gallery I can check out.

    Sorry for the thread jack Rob.
  11. rob92

    rob92 Control Rider N2

    It's not my thread! Show Tommy and Susan all the love you can, they're awesome.
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  12. Lenny ZX9R

    Lenny ZX9R Control Rider

    Tommy and Susan are great folks! They ordered a suit that I wanted but the suit was too big! They had a suit that I tried on last time that we were at RA and it was too tight! Well I lost a few pounds and said to Susan "your going to sell a suit today" and tried on the 1st suit and it fit great! Suit sold and Susan even rented out the suit that was to big on me! It was actually a win win situation! I am very happy with the suit and its already a Lizzy Leather getting my name and some patches on it!
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  13. Haz

    Haz New Member

    Just wanted to piggy back off what he said and say thanks to all of you! This was my first time on any track ever, so it was great to have such an awesome group of people who were super helpful and extremely nice. Wanted to also give a shout out to Scott Levy for helping me get through the entire first day! Hope to come out to one of your track days again in the future :).
  14. Romans Eight

    Romans Eight Control Rider Director

    It's great to hear the feedback. Lot's of tracktime in three days of great weather! Can't wait for Road A again soon!
  15. K46Ryder

    K46Ryder New Member

    I know I may be late, but does anyone have any videos. I know "Big Jim" recorded me for a few sessions but I cant find the videos on youtube. Any one with some novice footage from saturday 7/5/12 would be great!
  16. fowlplayracing

    fowlplayracing Steve Control Rider

    Went to visit my kid at college an hour from Road Atlanta last weekend. Having never been there before we decided to take a "field trip" and it just happened that there was a charity race that weekend for "cages" so we would get to see some action too. Just as we came through the gate a group of cars came out from under the bridge and dove down that hill. Oily Shite!!! Definitely going to make the trip this spring! When we got a good look at the esses going up the hill my mouth started to water uncontrolably. Cant wait!!!
  17. Slow Steve

    Slow Steve I hate pushups. Control Rider

    Now imagine coming under the bridge on one wheel and still making your brake marker:D
  18. rob92

    rob92 Control Rider N2

    Road Atlanta is indeed an "experience". It's length, elevation changes, esses, back straight and hill drop under the bridge are just part of the excitement! I'll never get get tired of watching the reaction of first timers!
  19. D-Zum

    D-Zum Alex's Dad

    Still not ready to Road Atlanta, yet.
  20. bolieirok

    bolieirok New Member

    Great weekend!!!! Thanks to N2 guys!!! WOW!!! What a fast track, I have not been to a track in about 5 years and what a great start. The first day was hard not knowing the lines and my bike on the track. Man it was awesome!!! I started getting the lines down and the speed was faster and faster with each session. Sucked that on Sunday I blew my engine but $h!t happens. Gives me a reason to build it better. LOL!!!

    My only complaint: the bikes sat in pit lane for too long. For the guys with slick that is to much time to be sitting still. Other then that it was a great time well organized. I look forward to more track days with the group.

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