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All, I have a suggestion that may help members and help you sell out events. If on the website for the different skill levels you identify how many spots are available for each event and the number of spots remaining. For example; Advance allows for 40 riders and there are 5 spots remaining until full. This will drive people to make that decision to sign up and help us riders commit to the event.

Hope this helps.... free track day for me if you utilize my suggestion. ;);)


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yeah I think it would be awesome to know -- at least for "members" and not guests --- because you'd think if you're an actual member of anything you would be privileged to know that information about your club.


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It will be an amazing enhancement and certainly will help me pull the trigger more often

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The flip side is that if a day is selling slowly the. Ppl won’t book, they will be like plenty of spots I don’t need to book yet.

your best bet is to purchase the elite membership and a package of days, book the days you Want and change them as needed.


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+1 for the Elite membership.

Sign up. Cancel up to 8am morning of the track day if you don't want to ride. Done.


I think it would be nice...let’s say you got 5 or 6 buddies and you see 6 spots left you can all sign up whereas if you have no idea some would be left in the wind. I don’t think knowing how many are available will make people not sign up. Even if you make available for members it would be pretty nice to know


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I would recommend groups sign up well in advance for any event. Thats the only way, at this point, the ensure you all get a spot. Events such at PittRace sell out very quickly. Pitt for this weekend sold out 2 of the 3 groups over a month in advance.

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