NC Bike 5/4-5/5

Discussion in 'Track Days' started by bmart, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    I will be taking a track walk tonight about quarter to 7 for anyone who would like to join.
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  2. byron21

    byron21 New Member

    Count me in
  3. imadraver

    imadraver Make Every Moment Matter! Control Rider

    I'm on my way...wouldn't want to miss it...looking forward to it... Super fun track, worth the drive from Atlanta.

    This will be my first for the season, after going thru a job more micro managing boss, so I'm super stoked to get back on the track and working with all our awesome riders and other coaches!!

    Let's ride, brap, brap!

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  4. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    Excellent! See you in the morning.
  5. mnofpeace508

    mnofpeace508 Riding makes me smile...not much else does.

    Unfortunately its looking like thunderstorms all day sunday...

  6. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    Not bad!

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  7. tdelegram

    tdelegram Control Rider

    It a great track in the wet, lots of surface grip.
  8. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    I had a blast at NC Bike this weekend and hope that you did too. Saturday's weather was beautiful. Did anyone's canopy survive the storms Saturday night? I'm canopy shopping if anyone knows a place with reasonable prices and decent quality. My 10x10 and 10x15 were destroyed. I (nearly) always take it down at night and didn't based on the forecast. Lesson learned.

    Joe...did you make it back to Cow Hampshire in one go Saturday night?

    Byron...are you considering using all of the gears on that track bike next time out? :)

    Victoria...what's the verdict on your injuries?
  9. Slitherin

    Slitherin Control Rider Director

    Wow what a great weekend. Saturday was beautiful all day. Not a drop of rain until after 9pm. Sunday was schizophrenic weather. Rain then sun, then rain, then sun, then rain AND sun. We had open track from 9am-noon and 1pm until after 3. Unfortunately the flashy stuff in the sky came and we had to call it.

    Victoria is good. She had her hand looked at and nothing was broken. I love watching people that get that excited when they ride.

    Thanks everyone for coming out to ride with us.
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  10. Slitherin

    Slitherin Control Rider Director

    Brad, check out Costco. I'm told that you can return one if it breaks no questions asked. Maybe ask Jonathan about that.......
  11. Thunderace

    Thunderace BIG JIM Control Rider

    I got this canopy two years ago and it is very solid. It has additional bracing inside that my head finds at every track day! You should be fine though.
  12. TimTheAsian

    TimTheAsian Fresh off the Boat Staff Member

    Our canopies survived but not without flipping my SV off it's stand and onto it's side. *facepalm*

    Lucky I only have to order a clutch lever. I think some of my shifter linkage is bent... may have to fix that too.
  13. tdelegram

    tdelegram Control Rider

  14. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    That looks nice..but 5+X more than I paid for mine. lol

    Thanks for the notes, guys. The manufacturer is going to send me a new frame for the cost of shipping.
  15. joe3530

    joe3530 New Member

    Needed a 3.5 hour break after getting about halfway. As crazy as most of you called me for driving that far for just 1 track day, so worth it. The weather up here is going to be awful another 2 weeks it looks like.

    Thanks for an awesome NCBIKE experience to you and everyone else I met that might be lurking the thread, I learned a ton and corrected some bad habits that will hopefully have me progressing into a better rider ('17 gsxr 1000 in blue - pics arent up yet)
  16. Slitherin

    Slitherin Control Rider Director

    Joe, glad you came down. I would never call someone crazy for driving that far for a single day. We all do what we can do when we can do it. After years of doing this all up and down the east coast, our perception of distance and what is "normal" gets a little f'ed up. Anything less than 5 hrs is "Local", anything between 5-8 hours is "No biggie", and anything 8-14 hrs is "Doable". Hope to see you out again soon!
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  17. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    You made huge gains in the single day. We're glad to have you!
  18. byron21

    byron21 New Member

    Ouch Brad, too soon on the gear comment. For those of you who don't know I suffered gearbox issues on Saturday that was not fixable at the track so I packed up and went home Saturday evening. Since my awning survived, I will be using that money to pay for transmission repairs. Great weekend anyway it was nice to meet everyone.

  19. mnofpeace508

    mnofpeace508 Riding makes me smile...not much else does.

    I couldnt have asked for a better first day with N2...well, maybe better weather, but still.

    i turn the corner, and there couldnt have been more than 15 rigs parked in the paddock. I go out on track, and there are maybe 6-10 bikes out circulating. What, OPEN TRACK?!?! wonderful!!!! sure, it drizzled some, but when it was dry, it was great. The tarmac dried out pretty quickly, and anyone in attendance could blaze, could tour, could just work on getting the cobwebs out (ME) without worrying about getting in anyone's way, or vica versa. It was thoroughly enjoyable. By 3pm, the heavy rains came back, and i was fully satisfied and ready to pack up and be on my way home.

    Great to be back with Nesba..ooops...i mean N2
  20. Slitherin

    Slitherin Control Rider Director

    Glad you had a good time. Wish the weather was a little better but everyone got tons of seat time Sunday. Look forward to seeing you out again soon.

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