The MotoGP Thread

“At the same time, we are analysing where WSBK is heading and whether it makes sense for us to take a step forward."

I may be reading too much into matters but that seems like an interesting little note there.
I think there were a few interesting tidbits in there. It would be nice to see another manufacturer back in the series. Hopefully they pull the trigger.
The Oaxley podcast had a journalist on there today who mentioned that since Liberty acquired F1 they have basically quadrupled the value of F1 itself, and the individual teams value has risen 3.8x.

The financial gains in the last few years seems directly related to getting new eyes on the sport. Their Drive to survive accomplished that, Dorna’s Amazon series didn’t.

If liberty can handle the marketing and branding, while dorna still handles the racing/competition aspects, maybe it’s a win-win. At least I hope so.

Dorna just doesn’t seem to be changing with the times on the Marketing/branding side. Which is probably understandable considering it’s run by 75 year olds :)


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Just listening to David Emmitt (motomatters) on his podcast now.

I agree with you completely. I’m not surprised by the alerts that the sky is falling, but I find it to be unfounded.

As was said in the podcast: let liberty get more people into watching it, and the racing will take care of the rest…
I haven’t picked up on the apocalyptic predictions. It’s the gradual erosion I’m more concerned about. I’m an incurable capitalist but I also recognize that pursuit of profit can ruin a good thing. Example: Starbucks was cool in the 90s but it has become the Wal Mart of coffee. Expansion objectives exceeded quality and the original vision that made it great.
Looks like it's a waiting game at this point to see if Liberty gets the green light from the various commissions that regulate monopolies. Last attempted purchase was thwarted. But that was many years ago. Seems financial insiders think Liberty has a better chance since they are a "media" company. We will see how that goes.


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Aprilia's far from perfect. And Fabio would go from the big fi$h at Yamaha to just another rider at Aprilia. Especially if Jorge Martin moves over. Might as well sit tight, get paid, stay fit and work towards the 2027 regulation changes.