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    Congratulations to our Newest CR's

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    Physicistkev's video extravaganza, Summit May 8, Advanced group

    Nice vids!! The ZX-10 is Ricky....
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    You guys have gotten me hooked.

    Happy to hear you enjoyed yourself & brought some friends along. Stay open to learning & keep working to become a safer rider. N2 is full of good people sharing a passion. Good stuff! *whats up A!!*
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    Summit Point Airfence Help

    If I arrive in time, I'll help out. Leaving NYC around 1-2pm
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    Summit Main 5-8 roll call

    IN!!! Signed up for race class. Safe travels everyone.
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    NJMP - Thunderbolt May 4th Roll Call!

    I'm IN!!! Can't wait.
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    NJMP - Thunderbolt May 4th Roll Call!

    Wow.... I wish i could unsee this
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    May 4 NJMP Thunderbolt?

    What's up people! It's been a long time but, I'm IN!!! Looking forward to seeing old & new faces.
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    NJMP Mon Aug 12 Crash in Chicane A Group

    I'm just glad to see that Burn-z is ok & well enough to post. I hope your injuries heal up soon. @ Rob- Very well spoken
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    NJMP Mon Aug 12 Crash in Chicane A Group

    I saw the actual video from the camera of the bike that hit #350 (Perussault). He came up on #350 very fast, blew the 1st turn of the chicane, ran off the inside of 3A, came back on track as #350 was turning in (looked like #350 took a later apex for 3B left turn in chicane). #96 then hits #350...
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    Newbie with NESBA for NJMP Thunderbolt on 8/12 and 8/13

    Welcome! My friends & I will be there as well coming from NYC/NJ. We'll be there sometime Sunday evening. See you there. Safe travels
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    Technique questions for the masters

    Along with what everyone here has posted in response, your EYES are very important in gauging your entry speed, reading the line & finding your exits. The further down the track your eyes are, the more your sensation of speed is diminished. If you ride the front wheel, it gives you the illusion...
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    D-Zum's crash at RA

    Glad to hear you're ok DZum!!
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    6/17 Summit main - got the bump to I :)

    Congrats on the BUMP!! Keep listening, learning & applying